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Goliath TWIN Plus

Quality regrind at high throughputs

Goliath Twin Plus granulators are designed for grinding large parts and for high throughputs. They have a double grinding chamber, i.e. two rotor shafts with seven pre-cutting elements, corresponding blade rollers are arranged next to each other and rotate in opposite directions. Thus, the defective parts are supplied to the grinding chamber for a optimal milling . Each rotor is equipped with its own drive motor (2.2 kW). Difficult parts are also ground safely by the two counter-rotating rotors and the ABS.


  • Low power consumption
  • ABS-System
  • Soundproof hopper
  • Double parting line for easy, quick and safe cleaning
  • Trapezoidal toothing for optimal regrind quality
  • Increased tool life by means of reversible combs and pre-crushers

Equipment options

  • IMD-Metal detection
  • MASHER system
  • Level sensor, large hopper, wear resistant coating, etc.

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