Granulat trocknen

Drying of plastic granules

Drywell Mobile Dryers

Drywell Top-Mounted Dryers

Drywell Central Dryers

Drywell Big Dry-Air Dryers

Additive Filters

Hot Air Dryers

Dryer Modernization

Dry-Air Dryers

Moisture Meter

Granulat fördern

Conveying of plastic granules

Granulate Supply Systems

Compact Conveying Systems

Single-Phase Conveyors

Central Conveying Systems

Material Receivers

Machine Hoppers

Quick Couplings

Coupling Stations

Dust Extractors

Pipe Bends and Glass Bends

Dosieren & Mischen

Dosing & Mixing

Masterbatch Dosing Units

Volumetric Dosing Units

Gravimetric Dosing Units

Micro Dosing

Gravimetric Blenders

Batch Blenders DGS 0,5

Batch Blenders DGS 1,5

Batch Blender DGS 25

Batch Blenders DGS 5 and 10

Granulat lagern

Storage of plastic granules

Bulk Material Containers

Container C-50

Container C-100

Containers C-180 and C-300

Containers C-700 and C-1250

Debagging Stations

Containers from Stock

Kunststoffe zerkleinern

Granulating plastics


Moditec Service

Titan Plus

Goliath Granulators

Goliath TWIN Plus

Mini Goliath Granulator

MASHER – System

Goliath Plus VIS

IMD – System

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material receiver AT-25

Material Receivers

Material receivers represent the link between the granulate conveying system and the downstream process, in particular granulate drying, metering technology and the processing machine. Digicolor separators are made of stainless steel. The control part of the separator links the separator…

moreMaterial Receivers

Machine Hoppers

Machine hoppers, also called maintenance hoppers, with their mounting flanges are the direct interface between the granulate conveying system and injection moulding machines or extruders. These Digicolor products are made entirely of stainless steel to ensure that granules only come…

moreMachine Hoppers
quick coupling

Quick Couplings

In plastics processing, there are some points in the pellet supply lines where granulate conveying pipes need to be connected to conveying hoses. For this purpose, Digicolor offers unique quick couplings to connect these points as easily and user-friendly as…

moreQuick Couplings
coupling station with glass components

Coupling Stations

Material distributors or coupling stations (also called transfer stations or coupling tables) are the central granulate distribution systems in plastics processing plants. The coupling station, which is tailored to the respective application, is usually composed of a modular system of…

moreCoupling Stations

Dust Extractors

Dedusting for different granulate throughputs Dust extractors are used in plastics processing for the production of high-quality parts. Especially in the automotive sector, in the field of lighting systems or medical technology, where very clean plastic granules without dust or…

moreDust Extractors
Masterbach Dosiergeräte

Masterbatch Dosing Units

Digicolor dosing units for additives, masterbatch and regrind are characterised by the highest metering accuracy. The product range includes units that meter volumetrically or gravimetrically. Gravimetric dosing units are used in particular when consumption quantities are to be recorded and…

moreMasterbatch Dosing Units