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Drywell Machine-Side Dryers

Granulate drying next to the machine

Our compact Drywell mobile dryers are used flexibly for drying plastic granulates directly next to the processing machines. Thanks to their small footprint, machine-side dryers can be easily integrated into floor spaces of injection moulding machines and extruders. Drywell next-to-the-machine-dryers only require a power supply – compressed air and cooling water are not necessary. This is another reason why all pellet dryers with hopper volumes of up to 350 litres can easily be offered as mobile dryers on rollers. Thanks to fast operational readiness as well as easy input and optimisation of the drying parameters, plastic granulates can always be dried where it is required in daily production.

Energy-efficient machine-side dryers

The core of the drying processes is the extremely energy-saving Drywell adsorption honeycomb principle, which ensures an adjustable, continuous dew point of the dry air. This makes dry-air drying an easily controllable process with which tight residual moisture tolerances in particular can be maintained.

Both the surfaces in contact with the granulate in the interior of the drying hopper and the outer shell of the hopper are made of stainless steel. A thick-walled thermal insulation is inserted between the inner and outer casing of the drying hopper, which ensures that the process heat is retained in the hopper and not released into the environment. This is another reason why Drywell pellet dryers are very energy-efficient. Plastic granulates are reliably kept dry in the Drywell granulate dryer.

Drywell mobile dryers from Digicolor are available in sizes from 3 litres to 350 litres. Further the range of next-to-the machine dryers goes upt to 2.500 litres. With this variety of hopper volumes and scalable dry air volume flows of up to 1.700 m3/h, these pellet dryers are suitable for a wide range of plastic processing applications in the fields of injection moulding, extrusion and blow moulding. Drywell machine-side dryers allow drying temperatures from 50°C to 180°C.

Sizes of mobile dryers:

  • 3 / 10 / 25 / 40 / 60 litres
    • mobile version on rollers available
  • 100 / 150 / 200 / 350 litres
    • mobile version on rollers available

Further sizes of additional dryers:

  • 400 / 500 / 600 / 700 / 900 litres
    • installed on industry-prooven steel frame
  • 1.200 / 1.500 / 2.000 / 2.500 litres
    • installed on industry-prooven steel frame

Advantages of Drywell machine-side dryers:

  • Small footprint of dryer
  • Easy setting and operation
  • Constant dew point of the dry air
  • Optimization of all drying parameters
  • Very energy-efficient drying technology
  • No compressed air and no cooling water required
  • Dust-free drying air due to adsorption rotor technology
  • Antistress function, SmartMode, no overdrying of plastic granules

Equipment options for mobile dryers and add-on dryers:

  • Bus interface
  • Visualization and data monitoring
  • Operation via remote manual control unit
  • Conveyor system for feeding the granulate dryer
  • Quick couplings made of stainless steel for the conveying system
  • Suction nozzles in different diameters, e.g. 40 mm or 50 mm

Project planning and service for granulate dryers

Our Digicolor team consists of experienced, qualified specialists, technicians and engineers. Together with our customers, we develop future-oriented, energy-efficient and user-friendly solutions. In doing so, we always take into account our customers’ wishes, goals and requirements for the processability of plastic granules in production.

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