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Central Feeding Systems

Central granulate supply systems for plastics processing

Project planning, perfectly tailored for each application

In plastics processing, central feeding systems are used to supply the processing machines with plastic granulates in an automated manner. On the one hand, it is important to feed injection moulding machines or extruders with the required types of granulate in the required material throughputs, measured in kg/h. On the other hand, granulate dryers, gravimetric dosing devices and colouring devices must be integrated into these granulate conveying systems as required. These peripheral devices are required to process plastic pellets according to the product-specific quality requirements. These quality requirements include residual moisture tolerances, colour settings, compliance with defined regrind and additive proportions, and dedusting of the conveyed plastic granulates.

All system components of the central feeding system must be suitably linked with piping systems. On the one hand, granulate conveying lines are necessary to map the conveying flows of the plastic granulates from silos, octabins and granulate containers to the processing machines in terms of system technology. On the other hand, vacuum lines must be installed to provide the necessary vacuum for pneumatic conveying to the individual conveying points. This underpressure is generated by central vacuum pumps which, in combination with dust filter stations, represent the heart of every granulate conveying system.

The actual conveying points in Digicolor granulate conveying systems are represented by high-quality material receivers. The surfaces of these receivers that come into contact with the granulate are consistently made of stainless steel so that these components are as wear-resistant as possible and easy to clean. After all, cleanliness and easy maintenance play a decisive role in conveying systems to ensure long-term operational reliability and to avoid foreign particles in the plastic products. For conveying abrasive plastic granulates, such as glass-fibre reinforced polymers, material separators can be equipped with wear protection components.

Industrial-grade controls equipped with colour touch panels offer the user extensive operating and optimisation options for the conveyor system. These conveyor controls are scalable or expandable according to the required number of conveyor points in the system. If required, further functions can be integrated, such as visualisation of the pellet dryers connected in the system.

Components of central feeding systems

  • Powerful vacuum pumps
    • Optionally with frequency controlled motors
  • Powerful dust filter stations
    • For cyclical cleaning of the vacuum system
  • Coupling stations for granulate distribution
    • Either as manual or automated system
  • Material separators in various sizes
    • Designed according to the granulate throughputs
  • Granulate conveying lines and vacuum lines
    • Adapted to the conditions of the plant
  • Installation components made of stainless steel and glass
    • For optimisation of the piping system
  • Pellet conveyor controls with colour touch panels
    • Installed in control cabinets suitable for industrial use
    • Equipped with Siemens automation technology
    • Connected via standardised bus interfaces

Digicolor takes over the complete project planning, design, installation and commissioning of central material supply systems. Our qualified installation teams pay attention to a professional and clean installation of the conveyor and piping systems up to the plant optimisation.


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