Granulat trocknen

Drying of plastic granules

Drywell Mobile Dryers

Drywell Top-Mounted Dryers

Drywell Central Dryers

Drywell Big Dry-Air Dryers

Additive Filters

Hot Air Dryers

Dryer Modernization

Dry-Air Dryers

Moisture Meter

Granulat fördern

Conveying of plastic granules

Granulate Supply Systems

Compact Conveying Systems

Single-Phase Conveyors

Central Conveying Systems

Material Receivers

Machine Hoppers

Quick Couplings

Coupling Stations

Dust Extractors

Pipe Bends and Glass Bends

Dosieren & Mischen

Dosing & Mixing

Masterbatch Dosing Units

Volumetric Dosing Units

Gravimetric Dosing Units

Micro Dosing

Gravimetric Blenders

Batch Blenders DGS 0,5

Batch Blenders DGS 1,5

Batch Blender DGS 25

Batch Blenders DGS 5 and 10

Granulat lagern

Storage of plastic granules

Bulk Material Containers

Container C-50

Container C-100

Containers C-180 and C-300

Containers C-700 and C-1250

Debagging Stations

Containers from Stock

Kunststoffe zerkleinern

Granulating plastics


Moditec Service

Titan Plus

Goliath Granulators

Goliath TWIN Plus

Mini Goliath Granulator

MASHER – System

Goliath Plus VIS

IMD – System

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Ecological responsibility

Digicolor develops, projects and installs machines and systems for granulate processing, which demonstrably contribute to a more environmentally friendly plastics production. Highly energy-efficient pellet drying systems can save several tons of CO2 annually compared to conventional or obsolete dryers.

For over 40 years, Digicolor has been supporting the circular economy with shredders and granulators that grind plastic waste in such a way that it can be fed directly back into the production process and does not have to be disposed of. Energy-saving conveying systems and solutions to minimise granulate and masterbatch consumption when dosing and colouring plastics, support this approach.

Social responsibility

Social responsibility is a high value that represents a supporting pillar of our company. This includes fair dealings with all business partners, employees and stakeholders. As a training company, we support vocational training and further education. In cooperation with schools, Digicolor offers internships and career orientation days. Cooperation with universities and institutes underlines the social orientation of our company combined with the promotion of innovation and science.

The modern technology center of Digicolor GmbH is a forum for customers and interested parties as well as for training and knowledge transfer. It offers space for all kinds of educational events.

Economic responsibility

Our business activities in an owner-managed company are characterized by a cooperative, solution-oriented approach in the service of the customer.

We focus on innovative products and always strive for the best technical solution according to the state of the art for the tasks of our customers and cooperation partners.

For us, economic responsibility also means a focus on regional supply chains in Germany and Western Europe. This orientation supports the high flexibility of the company and additionally promotes our customer centricity. In this way, we are shaping the future in our industry – regionally, nationally and internationally.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Digicolor GmbH develops, projects and installs machinery and equipment for the plastics processing industry. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) means for the company to understand the three pillars of sustainability economy, ecology and society as integral aspects of the corporate strategy.

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct of Digicolor GmbH

Part of our corporate social responsibility is the communication of the company’s guidelines and values. Therefore, Digicolor GmbH has developed a code of conduct. The focus is on observing human rights, condemning any form of child or forced labor, and ostracizing and combating unfair, discriminatory or corrupt business practices.
We are interested in promoting these values ​​in dialogue with our customers, suppliers, cooperation partners and everyone else to share with stakeholders of our company.

If you have any questions or suggestions about CSR in the company, please send us a message via the Contact section.

ISO 26000

Our CSR commitment is based on the “Guidelines for the social responsibility of organizations”, the ISO 26000. This describes seven principles of social responsibility. The core topics are:

  • Organizational Management
  • Human Rights
  • Labor practices
  • Environment
  • Fair operating and business practices
  • Consumer concerns and
  • Community involvement and development.