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Goliath Plus

Robust and reliable

Goliath Plus granulators with cardan-shaft drive are used either next to the processing machine or as central grinders. Even thick-walled sprues and rejects are grinded reliably.

Due to the slow cutting speed (25 U/min) technical polymers such as PC, PA, etc. even glass-filled material, are cutted without thermal damage – with low noise level and with little dust.


  • Compact design
  • Rugged construction
  • Very energy-efficient granulator
  • Easy handling and easy cleaning
  • Trapezoidal toothing for optimal regrind quality
  • Increased tool life by means of reversible combs and pre-crushers

Models and sizes

  • Goliath Plus 1, cutting chamber size 228 mm x 172 mm
    Motor variations: 0,75 kW / 1,5 kW und 2,2 kW
  • Goliath Plus 2, cutting chamber size 228 mm x 265 mm
    Motor variations: 0,75 kW / 1,5 kW und 2,2 kW
  • Goliath Plus 3, cutting chamber size 228 mm x 359 mm
    Motor variations: 1,5 kW und 2,2 kW
  • Goliath Plus 4, cutting chamber size 228 mm x 453 mm
    Motor variations: 1,5 kW und 2,2 kW

Options and accessories

  • MASHER system
  • Soundproof hopper
  • Integrated Metal Detection (IMD)
  • Vertical motor, compact and space-saving
  • Different hopper designs and executions
  • ABS system in order to avoid rotor blockage
  • Water cooling, e.g. used when grinding Polycarbonat
  • Wear-resistant surface treatment of cutting elements
  • and much more
Tootherd roller granulator Goliath

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