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Container C-180 / C-300

Bulk tanks up to 300 litres volume

Sizes and applications

This material tanks have been developed specifically for stockpiling plastics granulate quantities or regrind material. These compact tanks are characterised by ruggedness, simple cleaning, flexible installation possibilities in production environments and having been manufactured completely from stainless steel.

  • C-180, hopper volume 180 litres, footprint: 650 mm x 665 mm
  • C-230, hopper volume 230 litres, footprint: 600 mm x 845 mm
  • C-300, hopper volume 300 litres, footprint: 650 mm x 665 mm

Options and accessories

  • Filling level sensors
  • Versions with hinged cover
  • Pouring grate for manual filling
  • Cover with provisions for transport units
  • 2-times or 4-times suction box in DN-40 or DN-50
  • Quick couplings for the connection of transport conduits
  • Roller set for the mobile version, adding 100 mm height

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