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Granulating of plastics

Wear-resistant Goliath granulators stand for cost-saving inline-recycling and production of high-quality regrind. Granulators are used for grinding and recycling of sprues, waste and defective parts. They are placed in a central position of the factory or next to the production machine. Charging of granulators is done manually, by means of conveyor belts or handling systems.

Mini Goliath

This granulator has been designed for recycling of very small sprues and defective parts. It operates very economically particularly with small sprues and rejects.

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Goliath Plus

Goliath Plus granulators are used either next to the processing machine or as central grinders. Even thick-walled sprues and rejects are grinded reliably.

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Goliath Plus VIS

Goliath Plus VIS granulators are equipped with an auger. These granulators are characterised by a small footprint and a low installation height.

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Goliath TWIN Plus

Goliath Twin Plus granulators are designed for grinding large parts and for high throughputs. They have a double grinding chamber and two rotor shafts.

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Titan Plus

TITAN Plus granulators are specially designed for grinding sprues and bulky or thick-walled defective parts, e.g. bumpers or TV cabinets.

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IMD - System

All kinds of metal parts are detected. Once the IMD system detects a metal part, the shaft of the Goliath or Titan Plus granulator stops within 40 ms.

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MASHER - System

Automatic insertion tool for bulky parts, available as an option for Goliath Plus and Titan Plus granulators. The bulky parts are taken by special feeder blades…

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