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Drying of plastic granules

Granulate drying plays an important part in plastic processing in order to meet the residual moisture tolerances recommended by the raw material producers for the times immediately prior to further processing. The energy-efficient and user-friendly drying systems from digicolor support the plastic processor in its aim to continuously ensure the quality required for the final products.

Dry-air Dryers

Dry-air drying is a process for de-moisturising hygroscopic plastic granulates in order to meet the required residual moisture tolerances in the granulate.

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Drywell Compact

These compact dry-air driers allow the drying of plastic granulate directly at the machine. Drying parameters can be set and optimised individually.

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Drywell Add-on Dryers

These compact add-on dryers are used next to the processing machine. Thanks to their flexibility, plastic granulate can be dried wherever current production requires.

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Drywell Central Drying

The modern modular design of Drywell granulate dryers allows the construction of individual and centralised drying units that may be expanded, adapted or moved to another location at any time.

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Drywell Large Dryers

The new Drywell granulate dryers with up to 5,000 litres hopper volume have been developed specifically for injection-moulding and extrusion applications with high material throughput.

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Dryer Upgrading

The Drywell system from Digicolor allows the modernisation of existing drying air systems resulting in significant cost savings due to the energetic optimisation of the dryers.

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Dew Point Metering Instrument

The performance of granulate dryers is of decisive importance when moisture-sensitive plastic granulates are dried prior to further processing.

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Residual Moisture Metering

The process used in the residual moisture measuring unit is an absolute method, that is, only the actual quantity of water in the system is determined.

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Drying Hoppers

Drying hoppers from Digicolor are manufactured completely from stainless steel and feature a thick-walled thermal insulation of the hopper shell.

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Drywell bioline dry-air-dryers

Drywell Bio Dryers

Continuously raising annual use of bioplastics and further development of these types of raw materials are evidence for the great demand for suitable production systems for bio-based plastics.

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