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Conveying of plastic granulate

Digicolor offers automation solutions for granulate provision and distribution for the plastics industry. A central material supply system comprises powerful vacuum blowers, industrial PLC control engineering, rugged stainless steel conveying units and professional piping of the granulate supply lines. Engineering of individual solutions up to turn-key conveying plants is one of Digicolor’s key business.

Central Feeding Systems

Granulate supply systems in complex plastic processing operations require state-of-the-art vacuum conveying technology. All systems are planned and engineered individually in close cooperation with our engineers and the customer.

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Compact Feeding Systems

Compact conveying systems are used, where manufacturing cells, such as multi-component machines, extrusion and blow-moulding lines as well as batch blending systems, are supplied with plastic granulate.

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Blower Stations

Blower stations are the core of every granulate feeding system. Powerful side-channel compressors or claw vacuum pumps generate the vacuum required for the pneumatic transport of plastic granulate.

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Coupling Stations

Manifolds and coupling stations are the central granulate distribution systems in the plastic-processing industry. They are comprised of modular pipes and branches which are combined to a coupling station customised for each application.

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Quick Couplings

These innovative Digicolor pipe-hose couplings are used wherever transport pipes and transport hoses must be connected quickly and reliably. They enable a space-saving design of coupling stations and material distributors for the granulate supply.

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Installation Components

Granulate feeding pipes and conveying systems for plastic granulates are constructed from high-quality stainless steel and glass pipes as well as tube bends made of stainless steel and borosilicate glass.

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Glass Pipe Bends

Granulate feeding pipes and distribution systems for plastic granulate are constructed from high-quality pipes and bends. Glass bends are used at points where abrasive granulates (e.g. glass-filled materials) must make turns or change height in the conveying process.

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