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Dosing & Mixing

Digicolor provides a comprehensive product portfolio for masterbatch dosing, batch metering and granulate blending for the plastics industry: Volumetric and gravimetric precision dosing of ground stock, batches, masterbatch and additives. Digicolor masterbatch dosing units and batch dosing units meet the industrial requirements of modern plastics processing in injection moulding, blow moulding and extrusion processes.

Masterbatch Dosing Units

Digicolor dosing units for additives and masterbatch excel thanks to their optimal dosing accuracy. The product range comprises devices for volumetric or gravimetric metering of masterbatch.

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Digicolor DC, volumetric

Digicolor DC-18 and Digicolor DC-38 volumetric dosing units enable precise processing of free-flowing masterbatch, additives or ground material.

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Digicolor DC-MICRO

Brand-new Digicolor DC-MICRO is a state-of-the art micro dosing unit which is very reliable and accurate in dosing minute masterbatch, minibatch, microbatch and additive portions.

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Digicolor DCG, gravimetric

Digicolor DCG-18 and Digicolor DCG-38 gravimetric dosing units meter free-flowing masterbatch, additives or ground material in injection-moulding, extrusion and blow-moulding applications.

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Batch Blending

Gravimetric batch dosing units are used when pourable granulates, ground stock, masterbatch and/or other additives must be blended precisely before they are fed into the plastic processing system.

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GRAVIMIX DGS 0,5 and 1,5

These gravimetric batch blenders have a very compact stainless steel design. Precise dosing and mixing of granulates and additives can be even done directly above the infeed zone of the processing machine.

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GRAVIMIX dosing/blending systems are applied for efficient and accurate dosing of dry, free-flowing thermoplastic material. These machine are extremely reliable and easy to clean.

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DGS 25 gravimetric batch blenders are used when very high throughputs of pourable granulates, regrind material, masterbatch and/or other additives must be blended precisely.

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