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Digicolor offers an innovative product programme of auxillary equipment, machines and plants for granulate supply in the plastic processing industry. Vacuum conveying systems, dry-air dryers, dosing and mixing devices as well as granulators represent high-quality equipment applied in injection molding, extrusion and blow molding.

Material Storage

Storage of plastic granules

Solutions for material storage: Silos, bulk containers, plastic granulate bins, emptying of granulate bags.

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Dosing to Precision

Dosing & Mixing

Accurate and efficent dosing with a new generation of volumetric and gravimetric dosing equipment.
Easy cleaning, easy handling and precise dosing results

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Feeding Systems

Conveying of plastic granulate

Digicolor offers automation solutions for granulate provision and distribution for the plastics industry.

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Drying of Polymers

Drying of plastic granules

Energy-efficient drying systems for adherence of residual moisture tolerances.

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Shred plastic

Granulating of plastics

Wear-resistant Goliath granulators stand for cost-saving inline-recycling and production of high-quality regrind.

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