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Service and System Maintenance

Digicolor provides comprehensive servicing for granulate conveying systems, such as regular maintenance of vacuum generators, granulate conveyors and other transport components. Where reinforced granulate with, for example, high proportions of glass fibre, are used, our application technicians will advise your personnel of appropriate wear protection. Any action to be taken will be implemented in consultation with the customer. Regular servicing and preventive maintenance of dry-air drying and granulate transport systems will improve operational reliability and availability and also lower operating costs.

Granulate drying contributes significantly to optimal results in the processing of technical plastics. Residual moisture tolerances defined for each granulate type must be met. In order to ensure the quality of the drying process within the production sequence, Digicolor offers technical service and maintenance agreements covering, for example, controlled measurements of dew point, residual moisture and energy consumption of your dry-air dryers. The product range offered by Digicolor includes dew point and residual moisture measuring equipment which allow for easy and valid verification of the granulate drying process.

Technical Service

Service and repair of dry-air dryers, granulate transport systems, mixing units and granulators.

Determination of dew points at dry-air dryers.
Residual moisture measurement of plastic granulates. Optimisation of energy consumption.

Residual Moisture Measurement

The DIN EN ISO 15512 standard prescribes the methods used in the determination of the water content of plastics available as powder, granulate or finished product. These methods are designed for the determination of water content up to 0.01 % or lower. Water content represents an important parameter in plastic processing and should be always within the tolerance range specified by the raw material producer.

The standard describes four methods:

• Method A: Extraction with anhydrous methanol,
• Method B1: Water vaporisation using a tube oven,
• Method B2: Water vaporisation using a heated vented vial,
• Method C, Manometric method.

The Digicolor residual moisture measuring units allow for a fast and reliable determination of the moisture content in the granulate. Monitoring the required dryness tolerances becomes a breeze. These units can be used in the production environment but also in the quality laboratory. Even very low residual moisture levels in plastic granulate can be measured and documented.

The advantages for the processor:

• Measuring accuracy at very low ppm
• User navigation in Windows format
USB port and fast data export to MS Office formats
• Automated programme run and easy results documentation

System Optimisation and Training

System optimisation

Over time, centralised material supply systems will require modifications due to new requirements on the systems implemented, caused by, for example, new types of granulates and the expansion or relocation of production systems. Digicolor will support you by modernising and optimising existing systems and installations in your production.


Customised product and system training focussing on the specific requirements of modern granulate handling is an essential component of our packages. We offer special training to: Granulate drying and transport, masterbatch metering and plastics comminution.